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I have had a wonderful experience working with Geralyn, and her efforts have helped my development and my career immensely. While the executive coaching “program” was very helpful in itself, Geralyn’s more granular work in determining the ultimate root cause of my professional areas for improvement have been invaluable in allowing me improve in these areas. She has also been a life coach and a friend. The formal executive coaching program has now been completed, but I continue to interact with Geralyn as needed on ad hoc issues as they arise. I would strongly recommend Geralyn as an Executive Coach.

Chief Financial Officer, Professional Services organization

As someone who rose through the ranks without many strong mentors or managers, I found my executive coaching experience with Geralyn Gray incredibly valuable and rewarding. In my initial meeting with Geralyn she explained the coaching process and stressed the confidential nature of our discussions. This fact, coupled with her in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical/biotech industry made me very comfortable working with her. She helped me to quickly translate the results of several diagnostic assessments into key themes that became the foundation of my development plan. Most importantly, she provided practical tools for me to develop the skills and behaviors I desired to change and the encouragement to stay the course. I would highly recommend Geralyn to anyone seeking to improve their personal effectiveness at a senior level.

Senior Level Biotech Leader, Clinical Operations

Working with Geralyn has been extraordinary. As a PhD., I have not had much training on managing a department. She has been insightful in reviewing on the job issues and creative in helping me find solutions. She has provided me with resources and great advice dealing with extremely difficult challenges working across the organization. The process has helped me see the areas that I need to further develop and feel like I was really able to improve the overall impact on my team and the organization. She has been very supportive and flexible and I have found the whole coaching experience to be very beneficial. It was great working with Geralyn.

PhD, VP of a Global Pharmaceutical Organization

I had the pleasure of working with Geralyn last year when I became a new manager of a team that was in the process of a stressful turn-around in an organization. Having Geralyn’s support during this time was very important because as a new manager the individual contributor skills that had brought me to that point did not always have the desired result. She helped me appreciate the differences between my team members and strategize different tactics based on the varying personalities. I was initially reluctant to change because I didn’t want to lose who I was. She had a calming influence and tremendous insight into how to modify my behaviors in ways that were comfortable and not extreme. I learned that the process was an evolution and have taken her tips and wisdom in every new situation I now encounter. I often hear her voice on my shoulder asking me to evaluate the situation before just leaning on my preferred approach. Each skill is a muscle that needs to be strengthened and practiced. With Geralyn you don’t even realize you are working, she makes the process seem natural. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and highly recommend her for anyone looking for a coach.

J. F., VP Financial Services

My coaching experience with Geralyn was invaluable to my professional/personal life. Geralyn has an objective point of view and delivers it in a personable manner. She was my greatest fan and also very much my coach, steadily encouraging me to accept situations and make changes in how I approach things in order for me to be more effective in the workplace.

In a world with competing resources and demands, Geralyn guided me and gave me resources and suggestions for thinking and behaving as a more strategic partner. She was consistently attentive to my goals and provided steady guidance. Geralyn is inquisitive, creative and realistic. She is authentic and her actions support her words and by doing so set a refreshing example and inspired me to move forward.

Kristen, VP, Director of Global Events

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