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Executive Coaching

Geralyn appreciates the variety of challenges that leaders have that stretch them beyond their area of expertise. Even when they think they are performing well, many times they ask, “Can I do better”?
Her facilitation assists clients learn the following:

  • Increase self – awareness and self-acceptance
  • Understand how they impact others in an organization
  • Gain confidence to make changes in how they lead
  • Ensure feedback becomes part of their leadership practice

Geralyn’s helps clients learn practical tools and techniques that are sustainable. As a trusted confidant and coach she provides encouragement to make the necessary changes that growth and achieving excellence requires.

Career Strategy

Everyone goes through a time in their life where they are questioning their direction, trying to identify their next job or find work compatible with their goals. Geralyn is committed to helping others through the career transition process.
Her skills assist with the following:

  • Discover and assess interests, values, skills, and knowledge to clarify objectives
  • Formulate a strategy and plan that will leverage your talent
  • Finalize a resume or bio to assist with your search
  • Learn marketing techniques and prepare for interviews as part of your job campaign

Geralyn becomes part of your network and support system for finding that next job that will bring you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Interpersonal Conflict Coaching

Experiencing conflict, having disagreements and trouble with colleagues are a reality in our work life. During these times it can be very unsettling, frustrating and non-productive. Geralyn works with competent executives that are perplexed as to how to work effectively with a key member of the organization. Without a good working relationship both sacrifice the ability to reach their goals and objectives. By participating in this process they both end up treating each other with dignity and contributing to a solution that will support their work initiatives.

Her intervention includes:

  • Data Gathering and assessment
  • Preparation for upcoming problem solving meeting
  • Understanding perspectives
  • Discussing possible agreements and disagreements
  • Making commitments and defining actions
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G.B Gray provides executive and leadership coaching to high potential leaders, technically astute leaders as well as leaders who manage large organizations who want to excel in their current job.

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