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Financial Services

State Street Corporation
Fidelity Investments
MFS (Mass Financial Services)
D.E Shaw & Company

Sciences and Healthcare

Children’s Hospital
Philips Healthcare
PAREXEL Pharmaceuticals
Biogen Idec
Infinity Pharmaceuticals
TransForm Pharmaceutical,
– (a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary)
Beth Israel Hospital


TJX & Companies
Hanover Insurance Group
Raytheon Corporation
Brown Rudnick

Case Study 1

Seasoned Executive: “High Potential Coaching”

Business case:

  • SVP with a tremendous track record of managing operations and successfully turned around a business.
  • Appeared quiet, sometimes defensive, less open to people asking questions and projected disinterest in conversations.

Strategy that Geralyn used:

  • Partnered with her client to develop objectives that were aligned with her manager and the organization.
  • Administered assessments, interviewed colleagues and provided feedback to the client for gaining insights.
  • Developed an action plan with the client that would help her shift behaviors for influencing up and across the organization.

Actions client implemented with Geralyn’s guidance:

  • Practiced specific tactics that demonstrated more initiative in discussions.
  • Employed questioning techniques and actively listened to others to show interest in other parts of the business.
  • Scripted how she would react to criticism to minimize defensive posture.
  • Modified her style of sitting back and appearing quiet by sharing more information.

Results client achieved:

  • Displayed increased confidence in meetings, less nervous when interacting in highly charged discussions.
  • Spoke up and shared viewpoints in meetings and displayed a higher level of engagement.
  • Accepted feedback and questions more openly without being defensive.
  • Collaborated with peers thereby increasing an understanding of other parts of the business that enabled a broader view in strategic discussions.

Case Study 2

Profile – Seasoned Technical Scientific Expert – “Developmental Coaching”

Business Case:

  • VP headed a global scientific function –extremely competent in his area of expertise and highly relied upon in the organization.
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